Ludger Westrick
Lawyer and Auditor

Our Approach

During reorganisation of a company, we apply a four-stage approach: 1 Preliminary examination · 2 Review · 3 Business plan · 4 Implementation of business plan

1  Preliminary examination

We only commit our efforts to companies which have a fair chance of surviving the crisis.

Make an appointment now – without obligations – in order for us to jointly determine whether your company can be reorganised.

Preliminary evaluation regarding the possibility of reorganising the company

Your Costs

2  Review

Complete review of the legal and economic conditions, taking into consideration the results reached by management, in-house lawyers, tax consultants, financial auditors and business consultants.

Complete illustration of the legal and economic conditions, the nature of, and reasons for, the crisis, evaluation of the situation. Concept for the reorganised company.

Time requirements
Up to 2 weeks from acceptance of assignment

Your Costs
Time-based fee

3  Business plan

Plans for sales, production, personnel, procurement and finances, balance sheet and income statement as well as a liquidity plan. Assistance in presentations and in reaching agreement with all parties involved.

Time requirements
Up to 4 weeks

Offer after completion of stage 2

4  Implementation of business plan

Implementation of the reorganisation plan, if applicable including insolvency, personal management and insolvency plan.

Time requirements
Up to 2 years

Offer prior to the end of stage 3


Legal notice. Mandatory information.